Products we offer


Jacobs Kronung 250g, 500g (code 7 text LV, EE, LT, RUS ground coffee)

Jacobs Kronung 250g, 500g code 4 Germany (ground coffee)

Dallmayr prodomo 250g, 500g (ground coffee)

Dallmayr classic 250g, 500g (ground coffee)

Tchibo family 250g, 500g (ground coffee)

Tchibo exclusive 250g, 500g (ground coffee)

Nescafe classic 3in1 10*18g

Nescafe classic 3in1 20*18g

Nescafe Gold 100g / 200g (in glass)

Nescafe classic 250g (in tin)

Indian instant coffee 50g, 90g, 180g

Sweets and chocolate

Nutella 350g / 600g

Raffaello sweets

Milka sweets and chocolates of all kind

Energy drinks

Red Bull 250ml ENG label

Other brands on request