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Philosophy of success.

We are a reliable partner on the international market. Konektium Ltd. est. 2004, in Riga, Latvia, deals in 10 countries. Needless to say that such a vast network can only be built during the years of perfect activity, selfless work and immeasurable effort. The precision, highly trained and skilful staff, intolerance to any kind of negligence and unceasing desire for development and perfection – perhaps these are the primary qualities that describe the philosophy of our company.

Cooperation well-handed.

The niche assortment of the production that is offered to our clients is vast – coffee, energy drinks, chocolate bars, candy and many others – and we are still developing it in accordance with the requirements of our clients. Konektium Ltd offers to become your mature partner on ever-changing turbulent markets. We offer our experience and support, our ability to solve almost any kind of situations and experience. We have developed a chain of professionals on all the levels starting from cargo handlers and up to the high-level corporate managers as well as in other fields that are related to our business activity to avoid hindrances and obstacles.

Perfection at work.

We are a company that works as a unity where every single step has been well-considered and perfected during the years of our business activity to be able to provide the highest level of comfort to our clients. We treasure our reputation therefore the opinion of our partners is of high value to us. We offer you to become our partner and once you used our services, you will have acquired a reliable partners for many years to come.

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